goodnoni®   made by Herbex in Fiji from sun ripened wild harvest Noni fruit, is certified organic and safe to consume.


Among the acids found in Noni juice are many of the important fatty acids (the structural components of fats). which are so important in the overall complex metabolic processes of the body.

Acetic acid is the fundamental acid and all fatty acids are synthesized from acetic acid units in a process called lipogenesis.

Linoleic acid is the only essential fatty acid (that is, the only one which cannot be manufactured within the body and must be obtained from the diet). Noni juice contains linoleic acid. This fatty acid serves several important functions within the body. These are:
• it strengthens capillary and cell membranes which in turn increases skin strength. A linoleic acid deficiency leads to a breakdown in skin integrity leading to the characteristic eczema and skin lesions,
• it combines with cholesterol to form important compounds,
• it helps lower serum cholesterol levels as do other unsaturated fatty acids. It is important for the transport and metabolism of cholesterol,
• it is a major precursor for essential compounds including prostaglandins. These and other vital compounds are needed to regulate important body functions.

Caprylic Acid is one of the substances in unflavoured Noni juice which gives it the smell of old cheese. However, this dynamic fatty acid exhibits an inhibitory effect towards yeast and fungal overgrowth within the human body. The candida organism can become undetectable to the human body by losing its coat of identification (mycelating). Its toxins may then begin to suppress or fatigue the body's defense systems and allow the possibility of other opportunistic bacteria to take hold. Caprylic acid's anti-fungal action in this case, becomes invaluable even though its antibacterial effect is slight. Because it is in a synergistic situation in the Noni juice then the antibacterial action can be carried out by another component.