goodnoni®   made by Herbex in Fiji from sun ripened wild harvest Noni fruit, is certified organic and safe to consume.

Alanine   goodnoni®   juice from Herbex has 44 mg / 100 gram.

Alanine Ammonia (a poisonous byproduct of amino acid breakdown in the muscles) is carried by alanine in a non toxic form to the liver. Ammonia is formed in very active skeletal muscles and is removed from the body as urea.

Alanine is also termed a glucogenic amino acid. This means that it is the forerunner in the formation of blood glucose or liver glycogen. This is an essential function of the body without which our bodies would starve. The other amino acids found in Noni juice perform the same function. Alanine also contributes to thymus growth and increases lymphocyte division. Both of these activities are important for optimum defence against disease. This amino acid is also a vital component of the nucleic acids (which make up our DNA) found in the nucleus of each of our cells.