goodnoni®   made by Herbex in Fiji from sun ripened wild harvest Noni fruit, is certified organic and safe to consume.

Aspartate   goodnoni®   juice from Herbex has 105 mg / 100 gram.

Aspartate This amino acid, also known as aspartic acid is a neurotransmitter involved in brain metabolism. Its other functions include those in common with arginine and alanine and other amino acids such as urea production and glucose synthesis. It is also involved in bone calcification and synthesis. The glycoproteins are an important group of substances composed of combined proteins and carbohydrates. They include the gamma globulins and mucins which make up the mucous substances of the body.

Aspartate is often added to potassium and magnesium to produce a nutritional supplement of those minerals which is more easily absorbed by the body.