Benefits of Drinking Noni Juice.

Noni Juice is the extracted juice from aged Noni fruit.
The juice has been used as a traditional remedy in the tropical Pacific Islands where Noni fruit grows in abundace.

Noni has the potential to prevent thickening and hardening of the artery walls and thus plays a crucial role in heart health. It also helps to lower blood pressure and maintains a healthy heart.

According to the research, Noni fruit and Noni juice have ant-diabetic properties.
Studies have also revealed that Noni juice is effective in lowering fasting glucose,
improving glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

Noni fruit juice is found to be effective in protecting the liver against toxic substances.
Studies reported that hepatoprotective property of noni juice helps to protect liver from the exposure of various harsh chemicals and thereby prevents liver damage.
A strenghtend immune system is another benefit of noni juice.

Scopoletin, which is present in noni juice possesses anti-inflammatory,
anti-bacterial, anti-histamine and antfungal
properties that boost the immune defense machanism of your body.
The healing powers of noni juice bring relief in inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Research has provided qualitative evidence regarding the analgesic traits of noni juice, which helps in reducing sensitivity and pain, thereby reducing the joint destruction implicated in the painful arthritis.

Studies have proven that Noni fruit extract significantly reduces total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in patients with hypercholesterolemia.
According to studies it is observed that LDL (bad cholestarol) is decreased abd HDL (good cholesterol) is increased among noni juice drinkers.
Studies also reported that Noni juice can significantly lower the risk of dislipidemia among cigarette smokers.

Noni juice contains cancer fighting nutrients.As for the National Center for Complementary and Intergrative Health, Noni contains immune stimulating and tumor fighting properties.

Noni is a great addition to your hair and skin care regime when applied or taken internally.
Studies have suggested that the juice is rich in protective chemical constituent known as anthraquinones, which exert collagen stimulating effects and prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin surface.

The anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial properties af Noni work at the cellular levels and
are useful in curing various skin disorders.

These include burns, acne, allergic skin reactions and hives.
Noni juice speeds up the recovery of wound healing process.
Various studies have reported that noni juice has wound curing properties associated
with the functioning of collagen, hydroxyproline and protein content.
High blood sugar level is connected with poor wound healing process.
Noni juice reduces blood sugar level, hence it helps to heal wounds in diabetic people.

Noni helps to get relief from muscle spasm.
Noni contains high content of K+ ions, which induce muscle contractions
and it stimulates the blockage of calcium channel resulting in suppressing the muscle spasms.
Finally it helps to relieve the pain and discomfort in the muscle.