The Fiji Islands are on 18° South and 178° East, the local time
is GMT +12 hours

Map of Fiji
The Fiji Islands
Suva is the capital city on the south east corner of the island of Viti Levu. It has the government and many small to medium size industries that support its 40,000 inhabitants. The University of the South Pacific is located in Suva as well as banks and foreign missions.
Nausori, about 30 km north of Suva has a small international airport with regular flights to Tonga, Australia and New Zealand.
The main international airport is in Nadi, about 200 km to the west of Suva.
The Queens Hihgway connects Suva, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba and Rakiraki.
The Yasawa and Mamanuca islands with their sandy white beaches and clean, clear waters are lovely holiday destinations.
Sugar cane is grown between Sigatoka and Ba and on the island of Vanu Levu. Sugar is an important export article for Fiji.
Kavakava and vegetable are the main income for Kadavu and Taveuni.
Fiji has a population of around 700,000, most people live on Viti Levu and Vanu Levu, many of the 360 islands comprising Fiji are not inhabitated. Apart from sugar, garments, gold and tourism are important for Fiji's economy.
The climate is tropical with temperature above 30 in December, January, February and low as 22 in Juli, August and September. The rainy season is in January and February. The population is 50% Fijians, 48% Indians and some Europeans and Chinese. Fiji was a British colony until 1972, it was the British who introduced the sugar industry to Fiji and lured many Indians into Fiji, promising lucrative income for work in the cane fields.

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