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goodnoni   How much do I take?
The recommended daily dose is 30 - 60 ml noni juice. It is important to take the noni juice on an empty stomach otherwise stomach acids will digest (and destroy) most of the beneficial components of the juice. Noni juice can be taken twice or three times a day, depending on the personal condition.
The natural taste of noni juice is bitter, off-tasting. If consumed from the refrigerator (recommended) then this taste is more tolerable. We recommend to mix the noni juice with any other fruit juice if you need a more palatable taste. Our advise: pour your daily dose into a cup and add the fruit juice of your choice. Do not pour the fruit juice into the bottle with noni juice, because this may cause fermentation.
Noni fanatics let the juice melt on their tongues like old wine, I can't do this and can't recommend it either.
goodnoni   Any Side-Effects?
Side Effects
There are a few possible side effects from taking noni. Some people may experience rare allergic reactions, and noni's high potassium content can be problematic for people with kidney disease. As always, check with your health care provider before taking any new supplement.
Side-effects to noni juice have shown to be extremely rare. There is a great deal of individual variation in response to noni. If a laxative effect occurs, the initial dose may need to be adjusted. Dosage can be slowly increased as bowel tolerance increases. Some studies have noted some mild allergic reactions with skin rashes which were quickly resolved by decreasing the dose, stopping noni ingestion.
Noni is said to be as safe as other fruit juices. To date, there has been no reports of adverse interactions between noni and other medications. Extracts of morinda citrifolia are considered safe if used as directed, however, pregnant or nursing mothers should consult their physician and/or health care practitioner before taking any supplement.
goodnoni   Shelf Life.
Natural fruit juice can be kept fresh for a few days in the refrigerator. Any fruit juice would ferment and change into wine or vinegar, noni juice is no exemption. Our noni juice has no chemicals or preservatives, we pasteurize our juice and bottle it when still hot. This treatment gives it a shelf life of at least two years, as long as it remains unopened.
Each bottle carries a barcode to identify the product. The use by date is above the barcode and the lot number under the barcode.
Once opened, the shelf life is 30 - 40 days if kept in the refrigerator.


        Shelf life
goodnoni   Bottling, Packing, Foodsafety
Our noni juice is bottled in 1000 ml PET bottles.
The caps have tamper evident seals and are shrink wrapped for extra protection.
PET is a food safe plastic material, used for many food articles.
It is approved by the FDA. We use new bottles and caps only.
The cartons are made of 5-ply strong carton paper and 12 bottles fit into one carton. Eache bottle is in a thin plastic bag for protection, to keep dust away and the bottles do not rub each other during transport. This size carton prevents breakages and is good to handle on transport.

goodnoni   Prices.
Our prices are calculated to provide the retailer and distributor turnover and profits. We offer discounts for larger orders and often we give free noni juice to our distributors. Let the computer work out a quote complete with discounts and freight cost. We stick to our quotes for four weeks as far as the noni products are concerned. For freight prices we can not guarantee, they are beyond our control.
Feel free to discuss any special concerns with us, we are happy to accommodate your requirements.
goodnoni      Volume Discount.
We offer these discounts:
Quantity  Discount
  10 Bottles 5 %
  20 Bottles10 %
  48 Bottles15 %
  96 Bottles18 %
 240 Bottles22 %
 492 Bottles25 %
 996 Bottles28 %
goodnoni      Payment
We accept credit card payments, this is the preferred method when you shop on the internet.
Credit card details are encrypted when you use the secure shopping method.
Only one person in our company handles the credit card payments.

We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express.


In case you wish to transfer funds rather than using credit cards,
you can do so and pay into or European account:

Beneficiary: HERBEX GKS
Account Number: 1439710
Bank Code: 70053070
IBAN: DE27700530700001439710
Country: GERMANY

If you wish to transfer funds to our bank in Fiji:

Account Number: 9800024805
BSB Code: 039003
Swift Code: WPACFJFX
goodnoni      Freshness guarantee.
Our noni juice is always freshly manufactured and bottled. It is usually less than one week old before it is shipped. All our consignment have therefore a Freshness Certificate attached that informs the customer of the time of harvest of the noni fruit and the time when the juice was bottled.
    The Freshness Certificate looks like this:


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