This information will help you to obtain a quote and to buy from our website.


To obtain a quote move to the "Naviagtion & Index" column and place your mouse cursor on "Request a Quote" and click your left mouse key once.


Replace the "0" in "No. of Bottles" field by the number of bottles you wish a quote for.
     Example: A quote for 15 bottles is wanted:

To proceed place your mouse curser on "Add to Quote" and press your left mouse key once.


This window requests to select the shipping country in order to quote the air freight cost of the quoted item(s).
Select and highlight your shipping country and then place the cursor on the green field at the bottom of the window and click the left mouse key in order to confirm the selected country as your shipping country.

The computer will now calculate the cost of the selected items and any discounts (if applicable), and the air freight cost.


This window shows the selected item(s) any discount, the freight, shipping country and total cost in Fiji currency.


If you decide to change the quotation, you may do so by overwriting the number of bottles in the quotation window. As an example, the initially mentioned 15 bottles have been replaced by the figure 24, meaning a new quote for 24 bottles is wanted.


To proceed and obtain a new quote for the new number of bottles, place the mouse cursor on the green "click here" field and click the left mouse key once.


The computer shows now the cost of the new number of items, the air freight cost and discount have been updated.


At this point you may decide to abandon the quote, to do so click your mouse pointer on "click here" in the line "Cancel quote""
If you wish to add other items to the quote, just click your mouse pointer on "Request a Quote".
If you wish to buy what is quoted, then this quote becomes your shopping basket. Simply place your mouse pointer on "Secure Shopping" and click the left mouse key once, if your browser can handle encrypted data (most browsers can).
In case your browser can not handle data encryption, place your mouse pointer on "Shopping" and click the left mouse key once.
The next window will ask you to enter the address where to send the goods to and your payment details.



Here you enter the shipping address and contact details and the payment details.

When you are finished, place your mouse pointer on the green field at the bottom and click the left mouse key once.

This will transfer all data you entered to our computer. We will ask your bank for approval to charge your credit card and if authorisation is given, we will process your order and send the items to you.

A few minutes later you should receive an email with your order (for security reasons, it will not show the credit card number).

Once we have dispatched your order you will receive our confirmation and the air waybill number to track your consignment.

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