goodnoni®   made by Herbex in Fiji from certified organic wild Noni fruit.

Your Immune System, keep it strong to fight Covid-19 infection.

Noni juice has more than 250 components, some of which are supporting our IMMUNE SYSTEM. Melanie Alfred B.Sc.N.D. Graduated with Diploma in Clinical Nutrition revealed the secrets of the Noni plant through a systematic review of scientific studies of the component substances and of the Noni plant as a whole.

The following describes components of the noni juice that support the human immune system..

Bete-carotene a terpene, is a carotenoid, a member of the most widespread group of naturally occurring pigments in nature. Carotenes are the most potent quenchers of the singlet oxygen free radical and are many times more potent than vitamin E in this regard. Research studies in human subjects have demonstrated that a high intake of beta-carotene is associated with a reduced rate of cancers of the cells of the lung, skin, cervix, respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract.
Peto R. et al Can Dietary ß-carotene Materially Reduce Human Cancer cells? Nature 290: 201-8,1981
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The reason for this protection may be that beta-carotene reduces the oxidative damage caused by free radicals by “mopping them up”.. Supplementing the diet with beta-carotene will also offer benefit to the immune system. The thymus gland gradually deteriorates with age and stress, primarily from oxidative damage. Beta-carotene should offer significant protection to the thymus gland from this damage thus maintaining optimum immune function. A study conducted in 1985 discovered that after one week of supplementation with beta-carotene (180 mg/day) the number of all T cells significantly increased in normal volunteers.
Alexander, M. et al, Oral ß-carotene can increase the number of OKT4+ cells in human blood. Immunol. Letters 9: 221-4, 1985

The thymus gland (which is found between the lungs) is important to our immunity as it helps produce and distribute T cells that destroy invading microbes. It is large in infants and youth but gradually is replaced by fat and connective tissue as our bodies age. Because of its antioxidant properties the presence of beta-carotene in our bodies offers protection to the large bacteria-”eating” immune cells caled phagocytes as well as increasing the production of other immune cells. The cytotoxic or natural killer cells which kill tumors are also more active.
Beta-carotene was one among a number of natural products selected for testing to determine if daily dietary supplementation would reduce blood cholesterol levels.
Beta-carotene was found to significantly reduce cholesterol levels, making it an important nutrient to be included in the human diet.
Wang, H., Ng. T. Natural Products with hypoglemic, hypocholesterolemic, hypotensive, antaterosclemic & tithromboic activities, Life Sc. 1999, pp 2663-77

Supplementation with beta-carotene has also been found to reduce the risk of heart attack in women.
Tavani, A. et al, Beta carotene intake & risk of nonfatal acute myocardial infarction in women, Eur.I. of Epidemiol. I 3(6):631-637,1997

Beta-carotene, of the three carotenes, alpha, beta and gamma, is the most significant to human nutrition as it is the carotene that most commonly gives rise to vitamin A within the human body. In fact it supplies about two thirds of the necessary vitamin A for our bodies.
The beta-carotene molecule consists of two vitamin A units joined together. The bond between these units can be broken down by the body to release vitamin A for use in the tissues. The structure allows beta-caratene to be good plant source of vitamin A eliminating the toxic side effects that may arise from ingesting too much vitamin A from animal sources.
Vitamin A is important for our night sight and the formation and maitenace of the healthy functioning of skin and mucous membranes which are the body’s first barrier against infection and injury. This important victamin also cares for our gastro-intestinal tract, respiratory system and the genito-urinary tract.
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Beta sitosterol had been shown in animal studies to be anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic (ie.ati-cancer), anti-pyretic(lowers fever) and able to balance the immune system.
Bouic, PJ., Lamprecht JH., (1999) Plant sterols and sterolins; a review of their immune-modulating prperties Alter Med Rev June 4(3); 170-7

A trail conducted on animals and humans demonstrated that beta-sitosterol mixed with its glycoside helped regulate the functions of specific mixed with its glycoside helped regulate the functions of specific T-helper lymphocytes and improve natural killer cell activity. In addition, a dampening effect on overactive antibody reponses (hence a balancing of the immune system) as well as the normalisation of other biochemical processes was observed.
The conclusion drawn from these tests indicate that with the immune system being properly regulated, numerous disease conditions will be improved including rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, cancer, auto-immune diseases (such as psoriasis, Hashimoto’s disease etc.) a nd chronic viral infections.
Bouic, PJ., Lamprecht JH., (1999) Plant sterols and sterolins; a review of their immune-modulating prperties Alter Med Rev June 4(3); 170-7

Many individuals have related successful in all of these conditions after drinking Noni juice for some time. T-cells are lymphocytes (white blood cells) processed in the thymus gland. They change into many types of immune cells such as T-helper cells, which help antibody production. Natural Killer (NK) cells is the first line of defense agaisnt cancer cells ad other cells infected with viruses. It had been noted that there are decreased numbers of NK cells in cancer patients.

Arginine and high energy requirements.
There is a high energy compound called creatine phosphate which is important in keeping energy stores high in muscle and other excitable tissues such as brain and nerve. Body builders and other athletes often supplement themselves with this important nutrient so that their energy levels will remain high. Arginine and methionine are both important amino acids required by the body for the synthesis of this compound within the body and must be present in adequate amounts for this process to take place. Both of these amino acids are found in Noni juice.
Arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone and insulin. Like alanine it is involved in immune system processes as well as the synthesis of collagen, insulin, elastin, glucagon and haemoglobin.

Arginine and children.
Adults require nine essential amino acids but infants and and growing childreb require a tenth amino acid, arginine. Arginine is made by the liveras a step in producing urea in order to rid the body of toxic ammonia in the muscles. Children, however can not manufacture a rginine fast enough to keep their bodes detoxified in addition in addition to caring for the manufacture of necessary proteins required for their growth, therefore they must obtain it through their diet.

Threonine Many amino acids act as precursors or the basic building block for other amino acids, such is the economy of the body. So it is that threonine is an essential precursor to the amino acids glycine and serine. It is also involved in glycoprotein sysnthesis and in the maintenance of connective tissue integrity. It is and immunostimulant, one of the countless substances required to keep the immune system functioning normally.

Animal and test tubes studies show noni to have some immune-enhancing activity. Specifically, the polysaccharide component has been shown to increase the release of immune-enhancing compounds that activate white blood cells to destroy tumor cells.
Hirazumi A, Furusawa E, Chou SC, Hokama Y. Immunomodulation contributes to the anticancer activity of morinda citrifolia (noni) fruit juice. Proc West Pharmacol Soc 1996;39:7–9 .

The usual recommendation is 4 ounces of noni juice 30 minutes before breakfast effectiveness is thought to be best on an empty stomach.