Why Buy Our Noni Juice?   
Our noni juice is made from wild growing noni trees.
We Are Certified Organic Noni Fruit Processors.
No noni from plantations is used for our juice.
No industrial waste deposits in Fiji.
No GMO used in manufacturing.
No pollution on Fiji Islands.
No volcanic pollution.
No nuclear testing.
No acid rain.

Noni fruit for our juice manufacturing and for our exports are collected from wild growing, certified organic trees. Collectors are sent out daily to bring fruit to our factory, where it is graded and cleaned several times to allow only best fruit into our processing system. No bruised or rotten fruit is accepted. Several quality checks take place: Acceptable noni fruit must have 8 % Brix or more in order to exceed our quality requirements.
            All at one branch...

on the left one noni fruit ready for picking,
in the middle are two fruits that need more time to ripen
and on the right hand side one small fruit with flowers.
Our noni fruit is stored in food grade stainless steel containers to reach the optimum maturity before it is further processed. Each container holds 1500 kg fruit. The fruit is covered and kept free of contamination from pests, not even a fly has a chance to spoil the fruit.
      Fermentation Vessels
The degree of maturity is constantly checked, to guarantee a uniform product. Noni juice is a natural product that can change in its taste and look due to seasonal influence and the fruit mix that was used to make the juice.
After maturation of the noni fruit is completed juice can be extracted. The juice is then pasteurized, according to EU Requirents, cooled and tested for absence of yeast mold and microbes. Only if the test are negative (no harmul contaminants found) the juice is bottled and capped.
The juice is still hot when it is filled into new PET bottles, we do this in our bottling department. Immediately after filling the bottles, they are closed with tamper proof lids. Then they cool down, which causes sometimes dents in the bottles as the hot liquid shrinks.
After filling and capping, each bottle is wiped and polished, the label with the use by date is fixed on the bottle and it is put into a plastic bag to protect it from scratches and dust. Our largest cartons hold 24 bottles. Export distances are sometimes quite far and the cartons could tear when handled during their journey, therefore we use best and strong cardboard for our cartons.      
Certified Organic Noni Juice   
This juice is matured and has passed through noni fruit. It has undergone a post harvest ageing process, of up to 4 years or even longer, depending on customer demand. The juice has the characteristic bitter and typical taste of the mature noni fruit. Its colour is brown and the juice has some fine fruit sediments.
We recommend to shake the bottle before opening to allow the fruit sediments to mix with the juice. Depending on the seasonal varieties of noni fruit, the juice may appear sometimes 'watery', this is not from water. We do not add any water to our juice.
Certified Organic Noni Juice with Leaf Extract   
Many consider noni leaves have special healing properties that are not found in the noni fruit juice. The Morinda citrifolia leaf supports the respiratory and skeleta sytem, (particularly painful joints). In order to provide customers with those benefits we make juice together with noni leaves, which release their beneficial properties to the juice. This juice tastes more bitter than noni juice without leaf extract.
Dried Noni Leaves   
We collect mature noni leaves from certified organic wild growing trees. The leaves are graded and washed several times. Dirt and insects have no chance to spoil our product. Drying takes place in a drying oven, where the leaves are tumbled at a temperature of not more than 50 deg Celsius. Dust is removed before we pack and seal the freshly dried leaves.
Dried Noni Fruit   
Our Noni Fruit powder is made from dried noni fruit that has gone through a drying and straining process.  It is hygenically processed and raw food lovers appreciate the quality of our noni fruit powder. It is affordable and can be order from this web site. Noni fruit from certified organic wild growing trees, carefully handpicked, graded and cleaned are used to make dried fruit. The ripe fruit immediately before they get soft are preferred for this product. Fruit that have minimum 11 % Brix are considered good enough for our noni powder. The noni fruit is blanched before processing, then shredded and then oven dried at 45 - 50 degrees Celsius. After drying the fruit is ground and the powder is then packed, sealed and can be used to make capsules or tablets. Contrary to the juice, the powder consist of the whole fruit including kernels and skin. We are not using the left overs from the juice manufacturing to make noni powder.
Sick pets can eat the powder when mixed with their food.
  Noni fruit powder is made in various ways: 
How we make powder:
Select the best certified organic, unblemished ripe noni fruit. Blanche, slice and dry the noni in a foodgrade electric drying oven on +45°Celsius.  After eight hours the slices are dry and will be milled to a fine powder, then packed in sealed bags and stored in containers which are sealed and safe to make sure contamination is not an issue.
Sun dried powder:
Noni fruit is exposed to the sun. It has been witnessed that noni fruit was thrown on a plastic sheet or concrete slab, then size reduced by trampling on it barefeet and left for drying. This can take several days, because the humidity in the tropics causes slow drying. Open air drying exposes noni to dogs, cats, poultry and birds. Contamination not only from animals but also from air born germs results in a powder packed with desease causing fungus, salmonella, e. coli, yeast, mould.
From left overs:
After pressing the juice out of the noni fruit, the left over press cake is spread on plastic or concrete and exposed to the sun and left to dry for several days. This leaves a long period of time during which contamination will occur. After 24 - 36 hours a grey cover of fungus which can be seen without a microscope, grows on the noni. Such contamination can not be removed and is part of the noni fruit powder after milling and straining.

Noni Capsules   
Our noni capsules are made from noni powder. We fill 450 mg noni powder into each vegetarian capsule. The powder is 100% pure dried noni fruit.
It contains the whole fruit with skin, kernels and flesh. Others use the left overs from noni juice, we use the freshest and best handpicked fruit, grade it, clean and wash it several times before it is carefully oven dried at low temperatures. Drying may take between 36 and 48 hours then the dried fruit are ground into a fine powder and filled into capsules.
Noni capsules are sold in quantities of 5000, 10000 and 25000 or more. This is to maximize profits for the reseller. You can pack the capsules according to your market requirements and attach labels that you design and print. Noni powder capsules are preferred by people who do not like the taste of the noni juice or have to travel and can not carry bottles of noni juice in their luggage.
Noni Moisturizing Creme   
Our noni moisturizing creme is made of noni fruit oil, coconut oil, noni leaf oil and noni extracts. It has a fresh tropical fragrance and is readily absorbed by the skin. The skin feels comfortably fresh and silky and can take on the days attacks by unfriendly acids and polluted air.
Noni moisturizing creme comes in 100 gram plastic containers with inside lid and screw cap.

Noni Lotion   
Our noni lotion is made of noni fruit oil, coconut oil and noni leaf oil. It has a beautiful tropical fragrance and is readily absorbed by the skin. The skin feels comfortably fresh and silky and can take on the days attacks by unfriendly acids and polluted air.
Noni lotion comes in 150 ml plastic bottles with flip top.

Noni Soap   
Our noni soap is made of infused, natural oils from the noni fruit and noni leaves and a base of certified organic coco nut oil. We make infused noni oils from our own certified organic oni fruit powder and noni leaf powder.   Noni is known for its anti bacterial properties. The cleaning effect of the noni oil is complemented by the skin friendlynes of the coconut oil. To pamper your skin we have added Tamanu oil and Olive oil. Pacific Islanders have been using tamanu and coconut oil for thousands of years to maintain the silky skin and to protect from harsh salty air and ultra violet sun light.
Noni soap comes in 80 - 95 gram pieces with a lovely tropical natural coconut fragrance.