We refund your money or replace your order:

If our products are off, e.g. in case of noni juice, bottles have been opened, bottles are missing.
(Our bottles have tamper proof caps and each cap is sealed.)

It is your duty to check the consignment upon arrival and claim any breakage or missing bottles with the delivery person.

Do not sign the receipt, unless you have checked the quality and quantity.

If we supplied incorrectly, e.g. we supplied less than what your ordered.

We will not refund:

If you made a mistake e.g. you wanted 10 pieces and you entered 100 instead of 10.

(it is always possible to cancel an order, during ordering or even after you sent it.)

If your credit card was used without your consent.

If somebody used your credit card who was not authorized to use it.

If you pay with a fraudulent dredit card.

In cases where your country restricts imports for our products.
In cases where you refuse to pay fiscal duties which might apply in some countries.
(Before you order make sure our goods can enter your country.)
A processing fee of 10% of the cost of the goods will be charged to you.
There will e no refund for transport cost.