Wild Harvest Noni Trees vs Farmed Noni Trees:

Wild harvested is something collected in a traditional way by its traditional collectors, in quantities that are sustainable from plants that are not cultivated by humans. In the tropical regions of the world there are still people living close to the land with skills and knowledge that has been handed down for generations. While much so-called development has destroyed the lives of ordinary people, there are stil a number of peaple who made it possible for women in particular to make a living from traditional activities.
Their products are different from the mass-produced versions. Knowlege of traditional peaple helped to make wild harvest noni products.
Wildcrafted products will not always be the same. We have become so accustomed to factory-style farming that we donít know what to think when the new batch is a different colour from the old, or has a different smell or taste Ė reflecting local conditions at the time it was growing, and the way it was handled after harvest.

Our noni fruit comes from wild harvest, from noni trees which are allowed to grow where they chose to grow, without human interference.
They look different, healthy, full of vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals compared to farmed noni trees.
Pictures say more than thousand words:
Wild Noni Tree
Wild growing noni trees
Farmed Noni Tree
Noni Farm, starving trees hardly any fruit.