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What is Xeronine?
The most famous "other" component we derive from properly prepared Noni juice is the substance called xeronine discovered by Dr. Ralph Heinicke. Xeronine is a small alkaloid that is required in picogram (trillionth of gram) amounts and is essential to the correct functioning of the body. Small amounts of xeronine are produced in the body but are rapidly depleted by its continuous use in regulating the structure and function of proteins. As the body ages it appears that less and less xeronine is produced. Especially large amounts are used in times of physical or mental stress. Xeronine is produced in the body from the substance proxeronine (found in the Noni fruit) combining with the enzyme proxeronase in the small intestine.

Proxeronine is a colloid of relatively large molecular weight and is different in structure from most colloids. Dr. Heinicke felt that because of this it was overlooked by most biochemists who were used to a different chemical composition.
Colloids are mixtures in which very small particles are dispersed throughout a medium.

Who needs xeronine?
Dr. Heinicke states that all healthy cells in plants, animals and microorganisms require xeronine to function correctly. Which tissues within an individual's body, if any, are low in xeronine will determine how and if the presence of this nutrient will affect a person's state of well being.
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Xeronine and protein
Dr. Heinicke's research seems to indicate that xeronine is required to regulate the shape and rigidity of certain proteins. This process then ensures that the proteins function correctly. Considering the proportion of the human body that is composed of protein we can begin to appreciate why xeronine is such an important nutrient.
The wide spread positive effect on the well being of so many individuals could then be attributed to the action of xeronine on the proteins of the body. It is not surprising then that Noni juice, which is the richest source of this nutrient, appears to improve the function and structure of hormones, antibodies, connective tissue, enzymes and neurotransmitters. Considering the broad range of conditions that arise- from a malfunction or deficiency of any of these proteins, then the possibility for the action of xeronine within our tissues is enormous.

Conditions directly involved with proteins may include PMTIT, menopausal symptoms, acne, arthritis, lupus, sleeplessness, depression, digestive disorders, poor liver metabolism as well as poor immune function.

Xeronine and burns
The rapid relief and healing of burns after the application of Noni juice has been reported widely. Dr. Heinicke suggests that xeronine stimulates the production of a specific protease (an enzyme which "dissolves" protein) and thereby quickly removes dead tissue from burns.

Xeronine and addiction, e.g. smoking
Dr. Heinicke proposes that other proteins in the central nervous system become potential receptor sites after they react with xeronine. These then bind with endorphins (naturally occurring hormones in the brain) which allow the individual to have the normal feeling of well being.

As an alkaloid, xeronine is found in the same group as nicotine, caffeine, morphine, atropine and cocaine. According to Dr. Heinicke these alkaloids act as imitators of xeronine and trick the body into accepting them on the xeronine binding sites. Each of these substances act differently because of their different structures but once xeronine floods the body's systems then the xeronine displaces the counterfeits and addictions to these other alkaloids is overcome with no physical withdrawal symptoms! See:  Antioxidant activity of noni juice in heavy smokers

Xeronine and nutritional supplements and medications
Vitamins also require xeronine to properly function within the body and conversely, there must be sufficient vitamins available to work with the xeronine. It follows then that we need to take in sufficient of the necessary micronutrients (vitamins, minerals etc) daily through our diet. In addition, xeronine allows the formation of pores through membranes in blood vessels, various body organs and in the gastrointestinal tract. This allows easier passage of molecules through these membranes. According to Dr. Heinicke this facilitates digestion and improves the action of other medicines and herbs.