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goodnoni Telephone +679 6660387 or +679 8727315      3 Nagaga Street
P.O. Box 516          To send a SMS: +679 9925221 Tavakubu
Lautoka e-mail    info@goodnoni.biz Lautoka
Fiji Islands

Herbex Factory Building    Herbex Factory Panel

Herbex Ltd. noni juice rocessing Plant in 3 Nagaga Street, Lautoka

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Our Noni Products
We have been making noni juice since 1998 in Fiji.
Our noni juice becomes more and more popular.
goodnoni We export to more than 20 countries worldwide.
We make different boni products Noni juice, noni oil,
dried noni fruit and powder and nonil leaves, noni capsules
and we are happy to meet special requirements of our customers.
Contract manufacturing for other companies is one of our activities.

We use new equipment
that is kept under strict hygienic conditions, well maintained in a clean environment.
Noni products are kept in food grade containers, manufactured according to international standards. This is mainly food grade stainless steels and plastics, that are used worldwide to manufacture and store food products.

Management and Staff:
Ten experienced staff have been working with us for years,
this number can be increased easily should there be demand.
Management has been with the company since it started in 1997.
Security guards our buildings day and night, only members of the staff are allowed inside.

Manufacturing and administration are in Lautoka / Fiji Islands.

Our Herbex

noni juice label 500 ml noni juice label