noni bottle Direct from the fruit, processed and in the bottle, no detours.
We stand to our promise:     100% natural and pure noni juice....

Our noni juice from ripe noni fruit that was handpicked in the pristine rain forests of a tropical South Sea paradise. It contains everything that is in the noni fruit, undiluted.

Our noni juice is 100% natural. We add no sugar, yeast or nutrients to the Noni during or after processing. Only white, sun ripe Noni are used. That means, harvesting must be continuous, always waiting for only the ripe fruit, unripe, green or bruised fruit is rejected.



What makes our noni juice different?
                    no chemicals, no preservatives, no GMO, no enzymes.
                    Not just organic, ours is certified organic
                    And HACCP certified.
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  .... direct from the manufacturer.

The entire manufacturing process is controlled by our company Herbex Ltd. We collect the ripe fruit from wild growing Morinda citrifolia trees. No fruit is taken from plantations. To ensure highest quality, our fruit has to measure 8º Brix or higher.

BRIX is a measure of the percent solids (TSS) in a given weight of plant juice---nothing more---and nothing less (read more about BRIX).
BRIX is actually a summation of the pounds of sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, hormones, and other solids in one hundred pounds of any particular plant juice.

So, how does goodnoni® juice from Herbex compare to other noni juices?
As an example we have listed the amino acids of Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice, our goodnoni® product and noni juice from other regions

.... brix equals quality.

BRIX is an indicator for QUALITY. The BRIX of the noni fruit determines the brix of the noni juice. If the fruit had 8 Brix, then the juice has 8 Brix unless water has been added to the juice, which would reduce the brix, or sugar has been added which would increase the brix. Both, water and sugar additions can be determined by means of analysis in a chemistry laboratory.
We do not buy raw juice or noni powder, we mix no water into the juice and no other fruit juice, we do not use frozen fruit, we do not use puree.
We emphasize that our fruit comes from an area that stretches over 250 km, from Sigatoka to Nadi, Ba, Rakiraki and Nausori, (see map of Fiji) the Yasawa islands to the lower costal areas and to the hills inland. This ensures that we get many different varieties of noni fruit, that have ripened in different soil types under different climatic conditions.
The best raw material is just good enough for our customers.
     direct from the
    Noni fruit.


     direct from the